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come on over the mountain

Age. 39
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location Valley Village, CA
School. Cornell Univ
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Conspiracy, Death, & Interstellar Cohabitation
267th day of 2007
Today, I create my first Facebook Application. It's called Music like Mine:
http://apps.facebook.com/musiclikemine/ Check it out and show your friends! The application lets you find others on facebook who share your same taste in music.

The second thing I'd like to cover in this blog post is one of conspiracy, death, and interstellar cohabitation. Call it pure, animal-like instinct or call it a silly hunch--but whatever the case, for the longest time, I've known the truth. The truth may scare you. It may hurt you. Hell, it may even kill you.

Maybe that is why the truth, oftentimes, is so far from the cold clasp of a humanoid's robotic, alloy hand. The truth, a young butterfly once told me, is like a young butterfly. I told the butterfly to STFU; then I killed it. When it died, crushed in my robotic, alloy toy-hand, I realized what it had meant.

You see, a young butterfly is not so different from you or me. It's not so different from the ocean... nor from the energy produced by a squirrel chirping away on a beatle. It's not so different, in fact, from the maniacal scream of a kyolic garlic pill that has a small hole on it, which is releasing out some trapped air as you squeeze the pill with all your might.

A young butterfly is a creature of the universe, the same universe we sometimes call Universe. Anyway, before I digress, let me now describe how I came upon this brave discovery of conspiracy, death, and interstellar cohabitation.

I was walking around, clad only in a sheet woven from a dead gorilla's ass hair (because that's what we do in Pennsylvania). I had been traveling all morning, exploring all the glory of the state of Pennsylvania. And finally, at half past dusk and a quarter past dawn, I stumbled across what, perhaps, is the greatest discovery of mankind. Yes, it's true. It's true. It's so FUCKING true.

Now, whatever previous qualms and indecisions you've had regarding conspiracy, death, and interstellar cohabitation... please, lay those aside. What I am about to unveil will explain all to you--and to you, all will be explained (only with regards to conspiracy, death, and interstellar cohabitation).

Behold! Behold the giant space rabbit that fell from the skies--from another planet--to its death and lay hidden, all these years, in the Great Plains of Pennsylvania. Behold the 11th Wonder of the World!
All content copyright by dave. Please do not reproduce, recycle, or regurgitate without the express written consent of the CTU.
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I sense an AllRespect connection, here...
Is that rabbit for real? What is it made out of? Who the heck put it together in the first place?
» invisible on 2007-09-24 04:22:42

That is disturbingly funny. :P
» randomjunk on 2007-09-24 06:00:06

The countryside
looks...off. :

Great post, man. You back for a while?
» middaymoon on 2007-09-24 09:07:30

You're right.
A young, male Janet Jackson. With glasses.
» invisible on 2007-09-24 11:18:14

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