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come on over the mountain

Age. 39
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location Valley Village, CA
School. Cornell Univ
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The Impossible Defense
280th day of 2007
I have done the impossible. And by impossible, I mean that the world's most renown and attractive female scientists, researchers, mathematicians, doctors, and engineers have literally conducted years of research, spending billions of research grants and corporate R&D dollars, proving that this event is scientifically, mathematically, technologically, psychologically, and biologically impossible.

And yes, I have just done it. I have DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE. I have beaten Desktop Defense Challenge Mode -- The 100.

And now, I'm finally free from the chains of this obsessive addiction. I spent countless hours, shortening my shortlived existence, on this piece of shit game trying to beat this mode. And finally, I am done. I am free. I am no longer a heroine addict.

I must go outside and smell the air after I post this entry. I must take a stroll by the beach. I must play volleyball with a shark and rip off its fin to make soup.

In other news, I started watching the new season of Beauty and the Geek; and have been watching The Pick Up Artist these past few days. It makes me think that there may be something missing from my life, but can't quite pinpoint what that is.

AllRespect is about to break 1,000 members. That means I will be taking it out of Beta soon.

I'm excited for the return of Futurama.

You should be too.
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This is ancient Earth's most foolish program. Why does Ross, the largest Friend, not simply eat the other five?
» bluetopaz on 2007-10-07 09:40:50

I wish it had been him, we could have had philosophical discussions.

No, it was just some creepos.
» Chloefoxx on 2007-10-08 02:49:07

Re: Futurama quote
You would be correct.
» bluetopaz on 2007-10-08 07:05:54

woo hoo!
I've never played that DD game before. I just took one look at it, didn't know what was going on, and didn't want to take the time to find out, and just went on to something else.
» invisible on 2007-10-08 11:03:45

Re: Futurama quote
Uhmmmm, yeah I guess he would be considered an alien lord guy -- Lrrr, the ruler of Omicron Persei 8.
» bluetopaz on 2007-10-09 11:15:51

Freakin' yeaaa! Futurama pwns all shows on Adult Swim. =)
» rowenabautista on 2007-10-10 05:58:36

Now you've gotta play "Portal: The Flash Version"
Only 40 levels, though.
» middaymoon on 2007-10-13 10:04:35

"dave has made $104.464."
I need to get around to joining some of those traffic services...
» invisible on 2007-10-20 01:35:25

Wait wait...They're bringing back Futurama and I didn't know this until NOW?! Shit I should really read your blog more often...

Just be glad you didn't/don't play games like EverQuest (EverCrack) or World of Warcraft. It will suck away your life...it's fun and you're too blind to care, but it will suck away your life...
» Katrina on 2007-12-26 10:41:24



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