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Alas, again members have special priviledges.
bifocalLs says... Pixel person on the beach please :D
2010-08-15 02:44:18   [ip: ]
Hey Dave it's been forever since I first getting my tang on and I was wondering how I could twist your leg to get myself a mini-me on ye ol' isle on the front page?

Thanks man and take care!
joanieloveschachi says... Please delete my account
2009-10-28 11:10:39   [ip: ]
Hey Dave, It's been real, but please delete my account. Thank you! - joanieloveschachi
zachstabbedme says...
2009-08-02 07:04:59   [ip: ]
Hello Dave,
I was thinking you could put a paypal donate button on the homepage because I think us nutangers would be able to help out a little if we just pitched in a couple of bucks each.
papaphysix says... Payout
2009-07-06 11:44:51   [ip: ]
I would like to receive my first payout for the revenue that I have earned from my account. Can you please revert to me about it? Thanks!
Trikra says... DELETE MY ACCOUNT
2008-09-02 09:31:09   [ip: ]
Pretty please delete my account with sugar on top. :P lol Thanks in advance.
PuNiaoPuNiao says... Hi
2008-03-18 10:36:21   [ip: ]
do your old post on PPS opportunities still apply?? i'm really curious as i have responded to a few of your old PPS posts..
joanieloveschachi says... delete my account
2007-08-15 01:26:29   [ip: ]
Dave...please delete my account. Thanks!
gatelybaby says... closing my site
2007-06-15 10:36:35   [ip: ]
Hi... I want to completely get rid of my account, could you do that for me? Thanks!
antelis says... Thanks for Dropping By.....
2006-10-23 02:11:16   [ip: ]
Thanks for dropping by..... : )

NuTang is a fascinating place, though I've a little lost my way right now......
uniquecliche says... invite codes
2006-10-21 04:50:11   [ip: ]
Could I get a few invite codes, Dave?
Please and thank you.
JMC says... NuTang Rocks! ^`^
2006-10-04 09:15:43   [ip: ]
Does that mean you Rock?! Or that you're off your rocker! Either way, it's a NuTang! Thanks for having such wonderfully wacky places to be who we really are, NuTangers, NuTangeroos! To find our own reflection in others. To see their mask remove and the funny bone dance the jig of I am who I am, a NuTanger! Thanks a billion bananas dave!
not_me says... nutang subdomain/username
2006-09-05 01:12:14   [ip: ]
hey dave.. my username's not_me and my subdomain isn't working..could u help me out? thanks!

blue_april says... hye dave
2006-07-27 11:05:31   [ip: ]
just wanna say hi..
polly says...
2005-11-28 08:13:47   [ip:]
hi dave great pictures
annakyut says... hello... ^^
2005-08-05 06:25:05   [ip:]
dropping by!
juiCyy says... Hi ^^
2005-07-21 06:58:19   [ip:]
I've had this thing for a while, but I never got around to using it until today. I'm figuring everything out slowly. Haha. So, your page is the first I've seen so far. Anyways, just stopping by to say hi. Alright then. Take care.
eXiled says... Firefox.....
2005-03-05 12:05:04   [ip:]
Here's two pictures that you can compare with to my site. One pic of firefox and the other with IE. They can both be found in my gallery section. Also, the music on my site can't be heard with Firefox.
sad_but_true_metallica2 says... yea dude
2004-10-03 09:52:01   [ip:]
i wanna put music on my site but have no clue how too help me im drownin in defeat.
JuzE13 says... music
2004-09-18 06:38:55   [ip:]
dave says... NuTang Questions
2004-07-14 02:08:18   [ip:]
To anyone who has asked question, I will be answering yours questions on the forums. I also recommend asking questions on the support forums instead, because I don't routinely check my guestbook. Also, your excellent questions will be shared with others whom may be wondering the same things. Thanks!
joanieloveschachi says... new personalized fields in the profile
2004-07-14 01:22:24   [ip:]
i've noticed this on mine and a couple of other weblogs...i enter in the fields correctly but the columns come up plain on my page...that is, they don't look like yours. i know you probably get a lot of questions like this, so thanks a bunch for reading this and thinking about it for a minute...let me/everyone know...peace
xoxshortiesfriend30xox says... music
2004-07-09 03:00:22   [ip:]
hey how do u put music on ur web site.
LoPeS04 says... logout
2004-03-31 10:35:37   [ip:]
not anymore though
LoPeS04 says... log out
2004-03-29 02:12:25   [ip:]
Hey, thanx man... the log-out feature works now...
Orli_My_Love says... haha
2004-03-28 02:42:01   [ip:]
I love your avatar, dave. So funny.. a little baby dancing. Ahh, love that.
invisible says... hey
2003-12-26 12:57:53   [ip:]
nice new layout. i like the colors. reminds me of a t-shirt i saw once....
teresa says... dave r0x0rs
2003-12-06 07:57:52   [ip:]
invisible says... I'd like to first of all thank dave for all he's d
2003-12-05 07:12:19   [ip:]
*bows to the awesome dave who made this rockin' site to begin with*
invisible says... 'allo!
2003-12-05 07:11:15   [ip:]
bonjour! comment çava?

JulAngel says... Hey thanks
2003-11-25 12:26:40   [ip:]
muchly appreciated... Thank You ! :)
Mae_Mae says... hey
2003-11-18 10:57:53   [ip:]
hey.. haha my page isnt very great is it hahahaha but yeh id lyke dat thanks so much dave! :D later
djjester says... Hey
2003-11-06 11:54:42   [ip:]
This has got to be one of the best pages ive seen so far... peace.
2003-11-05 12:01:07   [ip:]
tight page bro
jennstrange says... ahoy hoy
2003-10-30 06:04:17   [ip:]
... yeah. it's been a long time since i spoke with you. glad this site is doing well. hmm.. well i'll ttyl... and i'll try to log onto aim more often. lol
chells420 says... hey, it's me again :)
2003-10-28 01:47:53   [ip:]
..tell me how to add music!! Hehe, you're so smart.
tarepandababy says... hey
2003-10-26 12:05:48   [ip:]
hey how long is the chatterbox thing supposed to take right now its taken at least 20 min now
mionggay says... a certain shade of green
2003-10-24 07:38:28   [ip:]
Where is your school???I'm transferring!..oh wait i'm done with school already! darn! Yeah I've heard about Audiovent but I haven't heard any of their songs. I'm actually more familiar with Hoobastank, with regards to association with Incubus. KEEP ROCKIN'!
mionggay says... enjoy...incubus
2003-10-22 11:53:30   [ip:]
oh you lucky soul!! i'm green with envy now!
mionggay says... something infinitely interesting
2003-10-22 08:15:16   [ip:]
hey you like INCUBUS too!!!! ROCK ON!!!
Simplicio says... Thanks
2003-10-20 11:41:11   [ip:]
Thanks for saying hi! Simplicio [me not know code very good being a pseudobalistes--grumpy and dumb tropical fish, but willing to learn glugglug]
evilsoccerball says... NuTang Style Sheets Tutorial
2003-08-08 03:07:14   [ip:]
i need help on my site. i can't seem to make the background black and i can't make the module heading background black either.
GuLLiBLeViETgiRL says... THANX
2003-07-24 04:31:00   [ip:]
ThAnX fEr Da HaPPy BdAy WiShEs!!
karendipity says...
2003-06-29 11:41:46   [ip:]
the stats thinga t the bottom is new isn't it? yeah it's freakin cool! good stuff dave good stuff.
Bort838 says... advertising
2003-06-29 06:25:51   [ip:]
yo--you should design NuTANG paraphernalia. i would proudly wear a T-shirt that said NuTang (with the color scheme in the upper left corner of the screen) or had PPGY Technology with a crazed baboon in the underneath. excellent marketing strategy.
Heather says... is this girl me??
2003-06-28 12:33:12   [ip:]
what are you talking about?
BlindAngel says... hi
2003-06-23 04:13:05   [ip:]
i am a newbie, nice site so far, it would be cool for a way to have more interaction with the newbies.
flanger001 says... kudos dave
2003-06-19 11:20:50   [ip:]
Your site officially rocks. Now all you have to do is make a little updater client like Livejournal and it will officially rock WAY THE FUCK HARDER than Livejournal!!!!!!
Bort838 says... Grohl rox0r
2003-06-04 10:56:08   [ip:]
i know
jay_mestizo says... Grohl...
2003-05-08 04:29:33   [ip:]
...would be cooler if he were Kurt Cobain! Muahahaha!
little_b says... 1st entry!
2003-05-07 09:38:40   [ip:]
I'm numba one! :D Actually, I'm still wasting time here...but it's soooo fun!
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