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NuTang Survivor: Episode 1
by: dave

A ghostly silence pervaded the island when teams heard of their first assignment. This assignment is two-fold:

  1. First, each team leader had to choose one of their own members to sacrifice to Sir Birus, the evil Protistan lord whom controls Manapeekus Bay (located just 80 miles south of where the groups had set camp).
  2. Secondly, the team leader must plan a strategic attack attack on the opposing to team to kidnap one of their members as food. The teams understood that though they were surrounded by lush lemon trees, those lemons were too sacred to touch.
"Yea, I wouldn't ever dare to purloin one of the sacred lemons. I most definitely rather eat flesh of someone I know. Yea, without a doubt." - Vania (Leader of Team A)

Phil, who leads Team B, was less confident on eating human flesh. He had suggested that their team eat Harry Palm's dog, but Harry simply refused the idea. After about an hour, both teams' leaders had made up their mind on who to sacrifice for the good of the team. Team A sacrificed Stacey, a young girl from Arkansas whom dreamed of becoming a Hollywood actress. She broke down in sobs when Vania broke the news and begged to stay with the group. It was then when Syd took matters into his own hands, acting as leader, and severely beat Stacey till she regained her nerves.

Phil chose to sacrifice Megan, an epistemology student from Harvard University. Flustered and flushed with anger, Megan swore her soul would take revenge on Phil. Phil, and the rest of the team, tried to console her and persuade her to leave her toaster, but to no avail. Both girls left their teams within an hour. Neither team, however, knows whom the other team sacrificed.

Vania consulted Rain, her new best buddy on the island, for advice on whom to kidnap and eat. They decided on Harry Palms, as his dog acted would be a delectable dessert. That night, after both moons have come up, team A infiltrated team B's camp for Harry. Though caught by complete surprise, Harry and his dog put up a good fight. Armed with a wooden stick, Harry was able to break both of Kaylee's arms before Aji came up from behind and broke Harry's neck.

Phil decided the team would hunt down Stacey, as he thought the teenage girl would put up the least fight. Unfortunately, he was unaware she had already been sacrified. Team B's attack, thus, was a complete failure. Finally realizing Stacey wasn't with the team, Kelsey made the quick decision to kill Ashley instead. Unfortunately, they had already lost the element of surprise, and this second ploy, too, proved unsuccessful.

The team cursed Phil for a wanton plan and challenged his leadership role. A huge argument ensued, and everyone wanted to become the new team leader. Jamie suffered a heart attack in the process. Meanwhile, Team A was enjoying a delicious meal of singed human flesh. Or were they?

[Dean will now take over as Survivor's host.]

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