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NuTang News - Oct. 06, 2003
by: dave

Monday, Oct. 6.

Greetings friendly member. A lot of things are happening at nuTang. This is an email to keep you posted, so you can say "I know what there is to know, I know!"

1. Member of the Moment
Become the 5th MOTM! Everyone is in round 1! To advance, you only need to answer a trivia question correctly, posted on the forums (http://nutang.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=337).

MOTM is the most sought-after, prestigious position on nuTang! Not only will you receive acclaim and recognition, with your page featured on the home page, you will also receive 200 pps. Don't miss out. Round 1 ends this Wednesday, so go claim a question now...

This contest will last for approximately 2 weeks. Congratulations to our current MOTM, deviouslint (http://members.nutang.com/deviouslint).

2. Protista Points System
The highly anticipated Protista Points System is now up and running. This, essentially, is nuTang's banking system. Members can send each other points daily.

So...? With pps, you will soon be able to use them to unlock extra features to your account (e.g. a "hidden page" to your account). Also, in the future, the search results will be prioritized relative to pps totals.

NuTang and other members will constantly be running contests where you can play for points. Details are usually posted on the forums (http://nutang.com/forums). So, be sure to visit the forums often to not miss out on pps opportunities!

3. Fantasy Basketball
Do you know a lot about the NBA? Enjoy the game? Can you imagine a bottle of Dasani filled with racoon hair?

NuTang has started its own fantasy basketball league on Yahoo!, thanks to dean (http://members.nutang.com/dean). There will be a lot of pps up for grabs here. In fact, each week of the season, you will be able to earn points.

To participate in our league, go to http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba. Our league# is "19478" and password is "pps" (all lowercase). For more details...

4. Free Image Hosting
Need to store your images somewhere? Or, want to find stylish pre-made images? Or even, you just found out your left foot was adopted?

Thanks to simplythi (http://members.nutang.com/simplythi), we now have free image hosting. Go check it out!
This service is to be integrated with the forum software.

5. And More...
NuTang columns, written by your fellow members, will be coming soon! If you're interested in writing one, please contact me (buttoncollector@nutang.com). More details can be found on the forums (http://nutang.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=220).

If you've read up to here, thanks a lot! NuTang can't accomplish anything without your continuous support. Thank you!

Remember, there are many ways you can help us grow. First, tell all your friends and convert them! You know we roX0R--let them know too! Also, supporting our sponsors will help us financially (heh). Now finally, what is this?
http://nutang.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=342 o_O

Take care,

PS. Don't forget to join the forums (http://nutang.com/forums)!

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